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Who is Yannis Divramis!

A Marketing Specialist, SEO Expert and Cryptocurrency content creator

Mr Yannis Divramis is a technology lover. His primary education is in Accounting and Finance in Bucks University, London. He also studied Marketing in London and he soon developed a keen interest in computers science. Yannis and his Paramarketing team has built over the years more than 1300 websites. Paramarketing is considered one of the best SEO agencies in Greece, having most websites ranked on the first page of Google.

“I involved with the world of cryptocurrency since the early days. I was one of the first investors of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency of Crypto market. As crypto came to stay, I decided to create my own cryptocurrency, Puppy coin. The real aim of our team is to create a cryptocurrency that will guide ordinary people to learn about this fantastic world.”

Yannis Divramis

As a YouTuber from the earlier days, Yannis launched another channel, the KryptoHodlers to share his knowledge not only with the expert one’s, but also with everybody that want to learn more about this fantastic world, the world of Crypto. Being open minded, he will try to cover every aspect of crypto news, letting you have the best information in the field.

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Here on my YouTube channel you can find out about everything that has to do with Puppy Coin and Cryptocurrencies. I upload a video as often as I can.

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