Company presentation 30-31 July – LYOPAY x WEWE: One-Time Life Event in Dubai

company presentation 30-31 July - LYOPAY x WEWE

On July 30th and 31st, 2022 WEWE Global was invited by LYOPAY partner to Dubai for a once in a lifetime event!

On behalf of WEWE, the highest Ambassadors of the community attended, who met with the LYOPAY team.

company presentation 30-31 July - LYOPAY x WEWE
Company presentation 30-31 July – LYOPAY x WEWE


Why you shouldn’t miss the company presentation 30-31 July?

The event featured news of collaborations and provided a unique and exclusive opportunity for event guests to meet and chat.
You had to be there! We share only one thing: this opportunity is linked to Launchpad.

Join the WEWE Referral Program to become an IWA so you can build your own team and grow your network.

The company presented its referral program to all participants and shared with them their up coming news and goals.

WEWE Payplan
WEWE Payplan


Who could come to the event?

The event was open to all who had registered on the form.

The number of participants was limited and more than a thousand people attended.

company presentation 30-31 July - LYOPAY x WEWE
Company presentation 30-31 July – LYOPAY x WEWE


You can listen to the company presentation here:

Where did the event take place?

The event lasted two days and was hosted in Grand Hyatt Dubai. From 10:00 to 18:00 on July 30 and 31. Those attending the grand event arrived in Dubai on July 29 and departed on August 1 in the afternoon. The location was shared with participants in the last few days.

Flight and accommodation were the participant’s responsibility, but if you needed help choosing a hotel, you could contact and you would receive a special price offer from the partner hotel providers.

Travel to Dubai required visa and negative COVID19 PCR result or others.

At this unique life event activity at WEWE was boosted. At this great event, the WEWE company was presented, its achievements and the world-renowned WEWE Ambassadors and their partner company teams met.

Meet the LYOPAY Team who attended the Global Summit:

  • Mac Ocampo, CMO.
  • Vincenzo Picciuolo, Project Manager.
  • Amit Sharma, Product Manager.
  • Mert Mamo, Product Manager.
  • Ayaz Chishti, Blockchain Project Manager.


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