LYOPAY at Future Blockchain Summit 2022: The Recap

lyopay-future blockchain summit
Future Blockchain Summit – LYOPAY Strategic Partner


The fifth edition of the Future Blockchain Summit brought together innovative startups, investors and a strong line-up of speakers who talked about cryptocurrencies, the Metaverse and regulations. It was indeed an event full of networking and education about different types of technologies that will shape the fintech industry.

  • LYOPAY is the strategic partner of the future Blockchain Summit 2022.
  • Hundreds of crypto enthusiasts were able to learn about the LYOPAY Ecosystem.
  • Head of Compliance Solandia Jurdi, Product Manager Amit Sharma and Head of Marketing Anwar Ait shared their insights on cryptocurrency regulation, customer journey, and marketing in the cryptocurrency world.
  • LYOPAY looks forward to welcoming thousands of new users after the successful event.


LYOPAY Ecosystem

The LYOPAY team welcomed hundreds of people to the Future Blockchain Summit who were interested in learning about the services the ecosystem provides and how they can be used in their daily lives.

One service that received the most inquiries is LYOMERCHANT, a payment gateway that allows business owners to accept crypto payments.

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Another is LYOPAY Pro, an app available in 150+ countries where users can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies and make SEPA and SWIFT payments.

Users can also get physical Mastercards available in four different materials: plastic, aluminum, gold-plated and solid gold.

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People were also curious about the Future Blockchain Summit about LYOTRAVEL, an online travel platform where users can book airline tickets and hotel rooms and pay for them with cryptocurrencies. Initially, LYOTRAVEL supports BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, and LYO, the utility token of the LYOPAY ecosystem.


LYOPAY’s thought leaders

The LYOPAY team also participated in panel discussions and a series of innovative thinkers to share their ideas on cryptocurrency regulations, its users, and the fintech market in the Future Blockchain Summit.

Solandia Jurdi, Head of Compliance at LYOPAY, participated in a discussion on assessing and mitigating the risks of VAs and VAPS for institutional and retail investors.

Meanwhile, Product Manager Amit Sharma shared his unique thoughts on providing a customized experience throughout the customer journey in the cryptocurrency world.

Finally, Anwar Ait, Head of Marketing, shared his views on the challenges of the crypto space from a marketing perspective at the Future Blockchain Summit.



Expanding the Community

LYOPAY is looking forward to thousands of new users entering the ecosystem following the success of the Future Blockchain Summit.

Cryptocurrency fans were very excited to learn about the company’s products at the future blockchain summit and its vision to empower people to use cryptocurrencies in their everyday lives.

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