LYOPAY Company Meetup 11 September 2022: Important Insights and Future Roadmap



The LYOPAY company is pleased to announce some important events in our ecosystem. Thank you for staying connected with Kryptohodlers and being a part of the journey.

  • LYOPAY will be part of the upcoming Blockchain Futures Summit 2022 held at the Dubai World Trade Center from October 10 to 13 as a Strategic partner.
  • LYOTRADE plans to launch a new fiat crypto facility that will support 55 fiat currencies.
  • LYOTRAVEL’s new services, including low-cost airline and hotel bookings, are now available, with plans for a strategic partnership with Uber.
  • We are building a new ecosystem exclusively for decentralized services: L-Finance, with its native token, LFi.


LYOTRADE with Amit Sharma

LYOTRADE Product Manager Amit Sharma talked about the latest IOS app and the launch of BRL BIX as well as EFT trading facilities as it aims to introduce more local payments such as DeFi wallet compatibility. Amit also discussed the recent launch of sub account access. Calling it the “infiltration facility“, this enables both personal and business users to open a secondary account without having to go through compliance formalities.

With an action plan to launch a new crypto to fiat on-ramp facility that will support 55 fiat currencies, Amit assured that it will have the lowest processing fees for users and provide the fastest transaction time through a seamless payment mechanism.

Future plans include upgrade releases in Q3 and Q4 and the implementation of additional language support in LYOTRADE.



Mert Mamo, Product Manager of LYOTRAVEL, was delighted to share the news of its partnership with IBO – one of the world’s largest companies providing hotels and low-cost airlines, indicating that customers can now enjoy these services on LYOTRAVEL.

Additionally, Mert discussed the benefits of LYOWALLET’s NFT storage, along with announcing the addition of 15 new cryptocurrencies to our ecosystem per month.

LYOPAY Company Meetup September 2022


Referring to LYOMERCHANT, Mert enlightened viewers about a unique feature that allows users to send crypto without sharing their crypto wallet address.

The roadmap places more emphasis on security with services like Face ID, session logout, and more. Adding more currencies as well as double checking the destination address is also part of the action plan.


Marketing updates with Mac Ocampo

LYOPAY Chief Marketing Officer Mac Ocampo filled viewers in on partnership updates and announced the addition of more crypto projects for LYOEARN.

Mac talked about his plans to build partnerships with Polygon and mentioned that he wants to add more DeFi tokens to LYOEARN, which will provide the crypto community with more opportunities to earn.

In discussing his marketing plans this quarter, Mac stated that he wishes to form partnerships with the GameFi and Metaverse projects, as well as explore NFT staking.

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Compliance with Solandia Jurdi

Head of Compliance Solandia Jurdi highlighted the new compliance checklist for DeFi, including advanced smart contract solutions.

Plans for Q3 and Q4 include building an AML framework for our DeFi ecosystem, developing a unique and secure system for our customers, integrating third-party AML providers tailored to DeFi, and more.


Law with Baiba Broka

According to Baiba Broka, LYOPAY Legal Advisor, evaluating the events happening in blockchain technology allows us to step up our game. As the blockchain ecosystem continues to transform, he stated how LYOPAY incorporates self-regulation by looking at past and current market trends, emphasizing DeFi and CeFi and the legal challenges we face.

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Development with Alessio Vinassa

LYOPAY’s Director of Business Acceleration, Alessio Vinassa, began his discussion of milestones by saying that the LYOPAY ecosystem now has over 150,000 customers and closed approximately $255 million in August.

He reported on upcoming listings for the LYOCREDIT token in the next three months, stating that they will be listed on four exchanges, including EXMO, Bitget, PROBIT, and one of the top 10 global exchanges, which will be announced soon.

Alessio stated that the launch of the LYOPAY pro app will be around October/November 2022. He also talked about the launch of Virtual Cards on LYOTRADE and the new LYOPAY Stablecoin product – the features, benefits and more. Finally, Alessio announced the official launch of L-Finance Ecosystem, the decentralized ecosystem, with L-Cloud Minting and L-PAD services. More information is available here:



LYOPAY continues to serve the crypto community with the best products, services and facilities and aims to complete the cryptocurrency ecosystem with one million users worldwide by 2023. As our CEO Luiz Gòes shared with us during the LYOPAY company meeting: LYOPAY will lead us to that bright future where crypto is the medium of exchange for everything.”

Be sure to attend the Future Blockchain Summit 2022 taking place at the Dubai World Trade Center from October 10 to 13.


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