New Puppy Coin small cap token: Is it legit?

New Puppy Coin small cap token: Is it legit?

Hi everyone! This is the very first, virgin video of the Kryptohodlers channel and I am wearing a t-shirt that is a puppy coin t-shirt, because I am the founder of the Puppy coin.

What is Puppy coin?

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So, let’s go straight to what is Puppy coin. Is it legit? Is it just another project, another Meme Coin that will dip? Is it just for pump and dump?

Who am l to propose this meme coin to you?

I am Yannis Divramis, I am the founder of Puppy coin and I live in Greece. I know that is a mythical place, but you can live wherever you want. This is the magic of the cryptocurrency, that you can unite the world, different races, Black people, Asian people.

We love everyone and we want everyone to be a Puppy coin holder.

Kryptohodlers is a new website and a new YouTube channel.

Personally, I am not a financial advisor, this is a disclaimer, but I’ ve studied Finance and Accounting in Buckinghamshire University 20 years ago, I am a professional Certified Accountant. I also hold an MBA, a Master in Business Administration and I am a cryptolover and enthusiast and the founder of this Meme coin, called Puppy coin.

What is the purpose of our Kryptohodlers channel?

The purpose of the channel is to spread the knowledge about tokens, coins and about cryptocurrencies and economics, because now economy has turned to be crypto. Yes, this is the truth. Cryptos are real. Cryptocurrencies are in our lives, NFTs are in our lives.

Everyone will have a cryptowallet or a digital wallet in order to have his car driving license, his ID, his passport and all this stuff we need to hold in order to live in a country and to travel.

So, is Puppy Coin legit?



Let’s go to see the website of the Puppy coin.

The Puppy coin website has its quickstart guide.

Also, it has the About and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and the Roadmap and I am gonna tell what about all these stuff and what’s Puppy coin about.

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What is Puppy Coin?

Puppy coin is a cryptocurrency, is actually a token with a fixed, limemeted supply of 1 billion tokens.

It is a deflationary token, it is a deflationary coin, there is no Memening. It is not a Memeners coin, it is just a Meme coin with social utility, because it’s a cryptolearning token.

That’s the reason I’ve build this coin, because the 99% of the society doesn’t know anything about how to use MetaMask wallet, Trust Wallet or any wallet with cryprocurrencies. They don’t know what cryptos are about.

They think that they are another Ponzi scheme that is far away from us because we are in Greece, we don’t have high tech companies, but cryptos are for everyone, for the unbanked, for the students, for young people and it will be a part of our society.

We need to upgrade our knowledge in order to use them safely and not become victims of another scam.

The starting price of the Puppy coin was 0.000169 cents of a dollar. Moon is the liMemet, but Puppy coin has gained popularity among people, it has a growing community with more than 130 hodlers in the first month and that’s just a small start for this coin and the target is to go to 1 dollars. All prices are in dollars and not in euros.

Puppy Coin is built on Binance Smart Chain

Puppy coin is in the BNB, Binance Smart Chain actually.

It is a BEP-20 token.

Why is that?

Because the Ethereum gas fees are expensive and in order to make and in order to receive Puppy you need at least 30 dollars. In order to sell 1 Puppy, you need 30 dollars, it is not good for people and it is not usable. That’s the reason we chose the Binance Smart Chain, because the gas fees are 10 cents, 8 cents or 12 cents in order to make a transaction.

Also, in the roadmap Puppy coin will support more than 5 blockchains in modern technologies.

In contrast with other Meme coins, like Doge coin and Simba, Puppy supports smart contracts, DeFi, staking, NFTs DAOs, Proof-of-Stake high scalability, fast transactions, and the gaMemeng metaverse. You can find the puppy coin to be a cam, with the token 2s. Be careful because there are many other puppies that are not Puppy coins.

Puppy coin is a decentralized social coin that supports device taking, staking pool is not ready but it will come soon, including decentralized governance, transparency and trust. Puppies are 100% transparent, each token grants stakeholder rights in a community governance DAO.​ Be one in a Billion that will hodl the next Meme coin.

Quick startguide

How to buy Puppy coin?


You need at least to have MetaMask or Trust wallet and then you can add the Binance Smart Chain on MetaMask or Trust wallet and ten import the token of the Puppy coin into your wallet.

Then, you can buy BNB because you can buy it from the PancakeSwap and PancakeSwap trades coins and you can exchange from  PancakeSwap some BNB for the Puppy coin.

Let’s go to my computer to buy some Puppy coin now for hodling, because Puppy coin is for hodlers.

I am very excited about this, guys, I don’t know about you but I am very excited about making this virgin video, so please support our community, our huge Puppy coin community and buy some Puppies today in order to hodl them. Puppy supplies 1 billion tokens coin, as I told you before and the pool will be ready in the next month for staking.

See more about how to Puppy Coin:

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How much is the limited supply?

Puppy has a fixed limited supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens total. No more can ever be created, as guaranteed by code.

Puppy is considered rare at 1/50 the scarcity of Bitcoin, and purer at an absolute 0.00% inflation rate.

In comparison, Bitcoin inflates at 2%, Ethereum at 4.2%, and Dogecoin at 3.8%. Puppy begins with an initial price of 0.00016 $ per token, and its value rises over time with scarcity.

I have to ask something about scarcity. The scarcity of the Puppy coin is not at 21 of the Bitcoin, but it’s 50 times lower from the Bitcoin scarcity. It is still a scarce token and coupon. You can see the hacking audit that there are on the site.

2. What is the limit of the price?

Moon is the limit. Unlike traditional stablecoins, Puppy has a fixed supply and therefore has no fixed maximum top.

As Puppy gains popularity and circulation, it could potentially reach higher values being worth as much as 10 million or 100 million or even 1 billion that is the target capitalization of the coin.

Today some coins like Dogecoin and Simba Inu have market capitalization of 20 billion coins with no usage for many of them. Meme coin at least has community usage because is built in Binance chain with minimum cost and transaction fees and other stuff.

3. Web 3 Decentralized Social Coin

Puppy is a next-gen Web 3.0 decentralized social coin and meme-coin. Unlike older meme-coins like Doge, Puppy fully supports smart-contracts and modern Proof-of-Stake networks.

As a blockchain-agnostic / multi-chain cryptocurrency, Puppy leverages the latest modern technologies to enable decentralized finance, staking, NFTs, governance, gaMemeng, the metaverse and so many other things.  So, join today and buy some Puppy coins in order to get in the metaverse.

4. Community-driven ecosystem

As a 100% decentralized community governed by a DAO, Puppy supports a diverse ecosystem of projects including online communities, digital art and NFTs, social marketing, products, metaverse and more in our Discord channel.

At its foundations, Puppy is a social-media driven cryptocurrency that can drive rapid exponential growth.

5. Transactional currency and store of value

As a decentralized currency, Puppy can be used both as a store of value coin and a means of transaction.

Puppy’s unique limited supply makes it especially ideal as a store of value with unlimited growth. Puppy can be transferred in fractional amounts, up to 18 decimals, allowing it to be also used for smaller transactions.

6. Exclusive club of Puppy lovers

Puppy acts as a hybrid-NFT, with its limited supply of 1,000,000,000 coins. Holders not only join an exclusive club of “Puppy lovers”, but also the coins act as status symbols and gate access to certain features like private NFT art auctions at LionRun and access to the Puppy Pool, Puppy Launchpad, and DAO features.

Puppy’s widespread fame on social-media has made it a collectible as well as to adorn any digital wallet.

7. Transparency and trust

Puppy’s code is fully audited and verified. Unlike other coin projects with anonymous founding teams, Puppy was transparently launched by a prominent SEO expert with over 1o years of experience through a public website with no presales.

The 100% decentralized governance DAO platform ensures democratic community decision-making. DAO platform is not ready yet, because the community is quite small but we will get ready soon.

8. Binance Smart Chain

Puppy exists as an ERC-BEP smart contract on the Binance blockchain, decentralized and validated by millions of computers worldwide. You know that the Binance Smart Chain is the blockchain of the Binance depository and you can see that it’s very safe and one of the biggest chains in the world.

9. Polygon bridge

Puppy is also available on the Polygon (MATIC) protocol, ported as a Proof-of-Stake token. Puppy benefits from extremely low transaction fees through layer-2 sidechains and high-scalability. This is about Polygon bridge. Some things are in the Puppy Roadmap, we are going to talk about it soon.

10. Avalanche bridge

Puppy is available on Avalanche AVAX blockchain bridge, an emerging ecosystem and the fastest blockchain in the world for high-scalability and versatility.

11. Solana bridge

Puppy is available on Solana, a worldwide interent-scale blockchain bridge.

Puppy benefits from Proof-of-History and Proof-of-Stake third-gen infrastructure.

These are very tacky words for you, but it is good to read the first page at least, the Roadmap, the About Puppy coin and what is going to be done in the next years. I am the founder of the Puppy coin, I am Yannis Divramis and the project is to be hodlers for the next 10 years.

It is not a one-month project and it is not a pump and dump project.

12. Moonriver bridge

Puppy is available on Kusama blockchain, via the Moonriver incentivized canary network. Kusama offers Proof-of-Stake high-scalability and unparalleled blockchain interoperability.

And the 13th question is about Puppy white paper. You can download it from our website. I am still working on it for some days. You can keep in touch and visit our website, the Puppy in order to read more about Puppy coin white paper.

Also, you can visit our Kryptohodlers site. It is under construction at this moment, but soon you will find out more about us.

Our Roadmap

Our Puppy coin roadmap now includes 4 phases:

  • the Cub phase is the first,
  • the Meta phase is the second,
  • the Gold Standard phase is the third and
  • the fourth is the Moon phase.

Cub Phase

The Cub phase is build in the community, we have a strong and exciting community now on Telegram, on Twitter, on Reddit, on Facebook.

BSC network minted and now the coin is Memented to the Binance chain, it is already done. Smart contract audit by Certik and smart contract audit by Haken are already done.

Strategic partnership With PancakeSwap is already done, it is there and it has holds about 52 BNBs, it’s about 34.000 dollars and you can buy it now without any huge changes on the price.

Massive breaking launch to influencers, we are doing this right now with collaborations with other YouTubers, Facebook groups and YouTube channels and influencers. And launch of marketing and PR campaign that happens right now with this channel as Kryptohodlers we are supporting this Meme coin and we are buyers and hodlers.

Meta phase

The Meta phase is building a learning community, the hugest thing is to learn about crypto.

Learn before invest. Learning is a journey and you need to keep learning all the time and never stop, because if you stop learning, you will stop doing new things and you remain on the same phase.

There is a staking of million tokens, Exchange listings, million NFT metaverse, collaboration with influencers, more exchange listings, NFT collaboration with digital artists, partnerships with other projects.

Gold Standard phase

The Gold Standard phase includes decentralized governance, listings on major exchanges, onboarding other projects to integrate PUPP, partnership with celebrity influencers, surpass gold to become the DeFi standard, maybe one day, collaboration with Fortune 500 brands and in the Moon phase we have 1 billion market capitalization. More updates are coming soon.

You can join the Puppy community on Telegram, on Facebook, on Twitter and you can see more on the blog of the Puppy coin website. The blog has many posts about how to buy a Puppy coin with Trust wallet, how to join Airdrop because now we have 100.000 Puppy coin Airdrop for every new member.

Every new member who buys 10.000 coins is eligible for 100.000 free Puppy coin Airdrop to its wallet for one time. You can send an email to our Puppy coin developers, that is and they will follow back by sending 100 Puppies today.

Be a Puppy lover, be a Kryptohodler like us and subscribe and like our new chanell, smash the ring bell in order to take the updates. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and see the new posts we have in our website. See you on the next video. Bye!

How to buy Puppy coin

So, now we are on the Puppy coin website and we are gonna click on the Buy> PancakeSwap in order to buy some Puppy coin. We clink here and we are going to the PancakeSwap website that BNB is trading in pairs with the Puppy coin. As we can see, on the last month it has made 6.287.14% growth, it is more than 62x. We have our MetaMask wallet here that has BNB inside in order to buy Puppy coin.

You need BNB in order to make any transaction in the Binance Smart Chain. So, now we are in the Binance Smart Chain, we have some BNB loaded and we are gonna buy some Puppy coin.

I suggest you to buy at least 0.3 BNB or more or even 1 BNB in order to hodl Puppy coin for the next 5 to 10 years. Now we are gonna press Swap, Confirm Swap with your MetaMask wallet and then we can wait on the BscScan because the transaction is still pending.

That’s all folks and now we have bought some Puppy coins in order to hodl!

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