Token Rewards for 900 Days with Cloud Minting Program

Cloud Minting Program
WEWE Cloud Minting Program


WEWE Global’s partnership with LYOFi brings you the Cloud Minting Program, a service that enables you to mint cryptocurrencies on a rental basis, taking the hassle out of buying and managing your hardware. The server is in a secure location and you can track its status online.

If you want to mine tokens, you need a mining machine. And in addition to spending a significant amount of money on this material, you need to monitor it, manage it and prevent it from heating up. But with the help of the cloud minting, you can mint tokens without the hassle of checking it from time to time.

WEWE Global‘s partnership with LYOFi introduces its users to an innovative crypto technology — the cloud minting. This technology brings the power of the cloud into play when it comes to minting tokens. Users can do this without buying hardware and finding space for it in their homes.


Equipment rental agreement

Users can rent a minting material or several parts of it. An entire machine costs €5,000 and its parts range from €100 – €300. Additionally, users can choose from the various available Cloud Minting Programs priced between 500-100,000 euros depending on megahashes and terabytes.

Once you’ve chosen a specific plan, you’ll be on a 900-day rental contract. This means that on the day you agree to the contract, the rented mining machine will start minting tokens non-stop for that duration.


What is minting?

Minting is a type of cryptocurrency mining based on the proof-of-space protocol. It is a process of harvesting tokens from the total inventory and inserting them into the circulating inventory. To do this requires a high-powered computer, specialized hardware, and a lot of hard disk space.

Miners buy these parts separately and assemble them themselves. Once the setup is complete, users should check it regularly to make sure the machine doesn’t overheat. On the other hand, minting tokens with the Cloud Minting Program will start in just a few clicks.


LYOFi and LYO Credit Tokens

Cloud Minting Program
WEWE Cloud Minting Program


WEWE Global’s Cloud Minting Program is powered by LYOFi, a crypto platform for minting, liquidity, farming, and betting services. With this exclusive partnership, WEWE Global users can mint LYO Credit tokens, the utility token of LYOPAY.

You can use LYO Credit tokens to make payments, buy and sell products and services, and place bets. Users can also choose to convert it to fiat or exchange it for other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin.

Start minting LYO Credit tokens today by creating a WEWE Global account here. Stay updated on WEWE’s upcoming products and services by following their social media and Krypto Hodlers YouTube channel.


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I only present you what I’ve done and made money these months with WEWE Global.

The platform is 100% legit but you need to do your own research.

As we say in crypto “do your own research” and find the information you need.


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