Top 10 YouTube crypto channels

Top 10 YouTube crypto channels

Find the Top 10 YouTube crypto channels and learn from the experts avoiding trash content and scammers that want to dump on you their shit coins!

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In our video today we are gonna talk about YouTube channels that I binge watch, because I am in a deep search right now in order to make improvements for my new coin, Puppy Coin.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor.

Everything you ared in this article are only for educational purpose and fun.

What is like gold or better and beeps 21.000.000 times only like bit bit bit?

Bitcoin, very funny.

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So, what is the number 1 YouTube channel?


The biggest, the greatest and the most loved? Not only for me but for the most subscribers.

1. Coin Bureau

It is the Coin Bureau!

The crypto guy is from London and he has British accent and very in depth videos.

He is actually a very honest man, he in not making any sponsor promoting content in his videos, as I understand until now, and so he is not biased or any tokens or new coins or pumpers and dumpers as many other big youtubers do.

The 99% of youtubers are lying to you, so you have to be careful who you watch.

As I told you, I am the founder of the Puppy Coin, so whatever I tell you it is not to make you to make a decision to buy.

You have to do your own research first, but this research cannot rely on youtubers or from taking advice only from youtubers, like some other I don’t want to name, but if you are watching some YouTube channels many of them are presenting new coins, new opportunities for them that can go 10x, 100x or become the new Simba Inu or Doge Coin.

All this is nonsense, you don’t need this knowledge.

You only need people that are unbiased and unsponsored and they speak through stats, through data and through personal research, so you need to deep dive into the cryptos and learn many things before you start because there is a danger that you are gonna lose money from crypto.

Apart from making money, you may lose them because you undergo a huge risk.

Every investment has risks and the volatility in the cryptomarket is huge.

2. Bob Loukas

So, the second YouTube channel that I binge watch is Bob Loukas, as I told you it is not Top 10 but in random order.

He is not so fomo guy like the others and not so technical about everything, but he has a deep analysis about Bitcoin cycle.

You know that Bitcoin has a perfect economic cycle of Bear market and then Bull market for 4,5 years.

Actually the next bull market will start on December 2024 and if you watch the channel of Bob Loukas you can understand many things why all these are going to happen.

Before you make any investment, you need to watch at least some videos of this guy.

I am not a financial advisor, but as an economist because my first degree was in Accounting and Finance 20 years ago in London and I studied many things about the stock market and many people there are making theories about how to predict the next stock market crush and this is a huge chapter of all the financial accounting and financial history.

Many people have been awarded Nobel prizes because there were models that predict something and they came to a huge failure later.

Fortunately, I think that the Bitcoin Bull and Bear Market is 100% predictable due to the Bitcoin halving.

So, it is easiest to predict what will happen and you need to buy in the Bear Market that has more interesting buying opportunities than to buy in the Bull market.

If you ask me right now in what phase we are in the Bitcoin cycle, we are in the Bull market.

The Bull market of 2022 hasn’t finished yet, it is like a Bitcoin super cycle and maybe it will finish this year in December.

I say maybe because I am not an expert in this, but I have studied more than you.

3. Andreas Antonopoulos

The third channel is from another Greek, his name is Andreas Antonopoulos and he is a huge person in the Ethereum market, in the Bitcoin community due to his very successful and popular books like Mastering Bitcoin and Mastering Ethereum.

See 5 Books for crypto beginners! How to learn about crypto the proper way!

Now I am studying Mastering Ethereum again, because I found that the basic concept of Ethereum is the basis of all the DApps and the Defi’s.

Andreas Antonopoulos describes in his books with other people and with Gavin Wood what you need to know in order to understand deeply how Ethereum works and if it is inflationary and if it is inflationary how can you build your own DApps on the Ethereum blockchain.

Third channel in very important and if you would like to learn more about programming and how to start as a programmer in Ethereum, the fourth channel will be even better.

4. Dapp University

Dapp University is a YouTube channel with content like documentary.

It is a long content and you can start from scratch to start developing smart contacts on the Ethereum or in other blockchains as well because the Binance Smart Chain is the same with Ethereum blockchain.

The guy behind the Dapp University offers also classes that are paid, apart from the free content of YouTube and you can start your programming career with them.

I am a fan of his channel and I always study more because I am a youtuber myself and a blockchain developer, so I would like to do more things with our token, Puppy Coin.

That’s the reasons I built it because I wanted to build something and not to be just a crypto enthusiast and an outsider.

5. Eat the Blocks

The fifth channel is from a French guy and is called Eat the Blocks.

He is French, so his accent is bit weird like mine and he is based in Taiwan.

He has a simpler channel like the Dapp University and he offers classes on the internet paid or free in order to start a smart contact or start building your own Defi or forking a new coin.

Yes, you can also fork PancakeSwap as he says in one of his videos, but before we start forking something it is a better idea to learn how to do it and to have a more comprehensive knowledge than just an idea.

6. Heresy Financial

The sixth channel we mention today is Heresy Financial.

Heresy Financial is a very interesting YouTube channel and especially his videos about the origin of money.

It is not like a crypto channel, but it talks about ultrasound money or heart money or the Bitcoin standard.

You can understand why Bitoin and Ehereum have their own value.

Also, it is like a documentary and is very enjoying to learn new things and you can binge watch many of his videos.

7. TechLead

The seventh channel is one of my favorites and it is called TechLead.

He is a Japanese guy that he is an ex Google and Facebook programmer.

He is still a programmer and a blockchain developer, too.

He talks about crypto and the channel is very pro crypto because he owns the million token ehich has done by himself and he has a very large and fast growing community, a Telegram channel and many other social channels.

I admire this guy, because he is definitely one of the most top notch programmers I’ve ever seen on YouTube and he offers some real advice for you to start and see the world of crypto from a different point.

8. The Defiant

The eighth channed is called The Defiant and it is the YouTube channel of the online magazine “The Defiant” and definitely you can find great content.

The owner of The Defiant YouTube channel is Camila Russo, a journalist that wrote the book The Infinite Machine, one of the best written books ever I red about Ethereum and the blockchain revolution.

I really enjoyed her book and think you should buy it in order to learn more.

The only negative thing about The Defiant channel is that Camilla Russo is not always present in her videos, so you can listen to some of her partners.

9. Lex Fridman

The ninth YouTube channel is Lex Fridman channel due to the interview of Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum.

Everyone knows him and as I was searching in YouTube, which is the second largest search engine after Google and Lex Fridman is a Russian guy like Vitalik Buterin and he talks in his extremely lengthy videos, podcasts and videos about the future of Ethereum.

Sure it is a must but you need to listen to him to 1.25 in order to catch up with the time, because some of them last 3 hours.

10. Ethereum

And the tenth channel I propose you to subscribe to is the official Ethereum channel, because there are many Ethereum channels out there.

The legit Ethereum channel has 74.000 subscribers approximately.

Also, there is the channel of the Ethereum Foundation.

Both of them are well for you and the reason I am watching them and taking some notes is due to the in depth coverage and the videos with Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood and many other co-founders of Ethereum.

So, these are the top 10 YouTube crypto channels.

This does not mean that there aren’t other top channels that are great and you need to listen to them.

First, you need to use your own mind and do your own research for everything you listen to.

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I am not a certified financial advisor.

This presentation is not a call for action in order to invest.

I only present you what I do.

The platform is 100% legit but you need to do your own research.

As we say in crypto “do your own research” and find the information you need.


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