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Hello everyone! I am Yannis Divramis.

We are live on Telegram, on Twitter, LinkedIn, on Facebook, on TikTok, on Youtube, DLive and Twitch.

I am the owner of Kryptohodlers.

This is a presentation of WEWE Global.

I am a programmer but I am not an investor or a financial advisor.

I do what I do as an affiliate marketer and I run my business on crypto.

So this video is only for educational purposes.

I am not trying to sell you something and I am not giving you investment advice.

It is just a presentation of what I do in affiliate marketing in combination with crypto.

I am the owner of Kryptohodlers.

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What is WEWE Global?

Now we are living in a revolution in the world of money.

Today we are experiencing a revolution in fintech in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The internet has made us the owners of information and communication.

We are living a shift to electronic money.

We have the financial techonology.

I am an expert in this because I run a SEO Agency the last 9 years.

The last 22 years I make money as a internet marketer.

Also I am a blockchain developer and I have made my own cryptocurrency Puppy Coin.

Puppy Coin is a small Meme coin.

You can buy 5$ and see how blockchain and DeFi work.

You need a DeFi wallet like MetaMask and you can buy it from PancakeSwap.

I’ve made Puppy Coin for educational purposes.

This video is only for educational purposes and in order to show you how to make money from crypto with 100% safety.

We are heading to Web 3.0 technology.

An example to a Web 3.0 site is the PancakeSwap because you can exchange money with crypto.

Another big Web 3.0 site is Binance and LYOTRADE sites and many other sites.

What is the potential on the crypto market?

Many of us are very skeptical about crypto and its future.

There are still very few people in this market and the early adopters will be the ones who will stand to receive the most.

Around only 260 million people in the entire world use cryptocurrencies.

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