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How can someone make money from crypto while we are in the bear market?

So that is the reason I used this expression, it’s like saying every night I make money.

I am Yannis Divramis, I am a blockchain developer and also a crypto enthusiast and the owner of Kryptohodlers.

Today I am gonna show you a very easy and simple way what I do to make money with the crypto market.

Hit subscribe, hit the like button, leave your comment. Before everything, let’s dive into the crypto market. Now we are in the bear phase, but first we need to talk about our disclaimer.

I’ve studied Accounting and Finance, but I am not a financial advisor. So, this video is only for educational purposes. I am showing to you what I’ve done myself.

It is not an advice to you to invest money.

Now, if you are ready to listen, let’s dive into the crypto market.

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We are gonna talk about how to make 1.000€ or $ with WEWE Global per day.

I am Yannis Divramis I am a blockchain developer and I own Kryptohodlers website.

I have many other websites because I run the SEO Agency Paramarketing in Athens.

I am more than 22 years in the business of web developing and SEO services and affiliate marketing as well.

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I have studied Accounting and Finance in London 24 years ago.

I am also an ACCA a Chartered Certified Accountant but I have never done this job because I’ve found SEO more exciting.

The last 2 years I’ve made my own coin that is called Puppy Coin.

It is a full decentralized token based on Binance Smart Chain.

You can buy some Puppy Coin from Pancake Swap one of the most known decentralized finance exchanges.

You can use your Metamask wallet or another wallet which supports PancakeSwap to buy some Puppy Coin.

WEWE platform

I am in this business for more than 2 years.

We are now on bear market but there are other opportunities to make money because WEWE Global is a DAO.

DAO means Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

You can make money globally with this platform.

You can get paid with Bitcoin daily.


I am not a certified financial advisor.

This presentation is not a call for action in order to invest.

I only present you what I’ve done and made money these months with WEWE Global.

The platform is 100% legit but you need to do your own research.

As we say in crypto do your own research and find the information you need.

Revolution in the world of money

We are on the age of revolution in the world of money.

We have passed from Web 2.0 which includes blogs and social media to Web 3.0 which is a revolution in FinTech.

Many people know what cryptocurrency and blockchains are.

A blockchain is a decentralized ledger that we can share information of a transaction.

We have to be in unizone in order this transaction to be valid or else the transaction is corrupted.

The internet has made us the owners of information and communication.

We can use this power to control our money because with the banks we are not controlling our money.

Potential of the crypto market

The potential of the crypto market is huge.

Only 260 million people in the entire world use cryptocurrencies.

The number is quite small because we are in the early beginning.

We are about 8 billion people on this planet and only 2 billion are using banking services.

6 million people are unbanked.

That’s why crypto came on the surface in order to solve these problems.

What is WEWE Global?

WEWE Global is a multiservices platform powered by DAO.

DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and it is also a legal entity in Wyoming, America.

Also a DAO is Ethereum and everyone that holds Ethereum is validator and can vote.

So we have more than 230.000 users in October 2022 and the platform is designed to hold more than 20 million users.

We are always updating the platform.

I am not the owner because nobody is the owner but we are collectively owning this platform.

Services and partners

On the other hand WEWE users access services for external projects and companies connected platform such as LYOPAR and ZENIT.


We have SMARTSTAKE with 6.5% with 2.5 years contract and 30 months contract.

You can buy SMARTPOOL and activate to receive SMARTPOOL rewards.

You get paid in Bitcoin 6.5% monthly.


Cryptobulls is a trading company that provides trading signals.

Buy one of their signal packages and follow the trading strategies from their expert traders.

If you are a trader you can profit for buying a Cryptobulls package in WEWE Global.


WEWE LAUNCHPAD gives users the chance to buy tokens and take part is a crypto project before their official launch.

We have many ICOs and very unique tokens and well-designed ICOs as well.

Cloud minting

You rent hardware to mint a token.

Cloud minting is similar to mining but because Ethereum mining has stopped.

Ethereum miners can’t find something as profitable as this.

LFi is the partner providing the technology and we sign a contract with LFi and we allow them to use our hardware in order to mine tokens.


TRAVEL4YOU provides offers and discounts up to 70% on hotel booking.

You can find many discounts and coupons inside because you can use LYOTRAVEL, a service by LYOPAY who designed WEWE Global.

Why access these services through WEWE Global?

Firstly is because you can pay with cryptocurrency and be paid with crypto.

Second you can have exclusive discounts.

Also you can receive rewards through the referral plan.

We can make money with WEWE Global with 2 ways.

The second is to refer other people in the platform as clients or partners or affiliates.

This is called referral affiliate plan.

Referral program

You can share our products with your friends and collect rewards.

Create your team and grow your network because you can make a huge network of clients or partners and we can make money every time they buy.

Also you can achieve career ranks through qualification.

You can become now a digital entrepreneur.

The point here is to believe in the platform and the products and the services of the company.

How to access the referral program?

You need to buy a cloud minting program or a multiservice box.

Cloud minting program mints LFi and the multiservice box is about ZENIT.

Cloud minting program

With the cloud minting program you rent hardware that automatically generates LFi tokens.

You will have a contract with:

  • Hardware ID number
  • Hardware IP location
  • Hardware activity

Minting is a form of cryptocurrency mining based on the proof of space protocol.

We know that Bitcoin now works with proof of work which needs a lot of energy.

Ethereum switched to the proof of stake.

Through minting tokens are entered from the total supply to the circulating supply.

Proof of space protocol has nothing to do with proof of work and proof of stake.

Cloud minting programs range for 100€ to 100.000€ based on the size of the megahashes and terabytes.

You can rent an entire hardware which costs 5000 € or a part of it or several.

How to get LFi with minting

We have packages that start from 100€ to 100.000€.

Sign up to WEWE Global!

You can register for free.

On WEWE platform we can see the IP address, the MAC address, the containers.

You can find anything there and the contract.

It is 100% legal.

Transparency is the number 1 priority in this platform.

We have cashback 167 L-CHAIN tokens with a 500€ cloud minting package which sits on the L-Finance blockchain.

That means 250€ back as an Airdrop because the price of the token 1.5€.

The contract lasts 32.5 months ie 975 days.

The minting token is LFi.

We have some service fees and some activation fees.

The next package is 1000€ and you can take 500€ as an Airdrop instantly.

There other packages until we reach 100.000€.


Join the ZENIT ICO by buying the new Z-MULTISERVICES BOX.

With the purchase of a Z-MULTISERVICES BOX you receive Launchpad tokens that are converted directly into ZEN.

Every Z-MULTISERVICES BOX is paid 100% WEWEX or 100% Bitcoin.

So we have many rounds and now we are on Private 3 round.

We have 6.732.000 tokens and the tokens is prices 1.18$ or 1.24€.

In May the price will be more than 3.14€.

So you have more than 60% raise in your money.

So you will triple your money by buying ZEN and contribute to ZENIT ICO.

How can we buy ZENIT?

We go to my shop and then to my products.

The packages range from 550€ to 110.000€.

WEWEX is the stable token in the platform and it is very useful.

It is 1 to 1 with Euro.

We can buy a package with our wallet.

We have Bitcoin, USDT and Ethereum.

It is better to use USDT because it has lower fees and higher transaction speed.

We generate a new disposable address and we send there the money.

For instance we can buy a cloud minting package with 10.000€ and we are gonna need 10.050 because there are some activation fees.

They send the activation fees back to us in LFi.

We are gonna have 1000€ per month and cashback 3334 token in value that we can instanty take in our wallet.

Now we are on the Private 3 phase and 252.000 tokens are sold.

The final price will be 3.14€ in May.

You can see the white paper of ZENIT on Zenit.World.

ZENIT is incubated by Protocol 33 under the patronage of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum.

Zenit is the point on the celestial sphere directly above an observer on the Earth. It indicates the culminating point or the maximum peak reached,  or how we interpret it, the highest point of arrival of Personal Finance.

A safe haven, where you can send your wallet in a Zen state.

You can see its staking protocol and other things.

Protocol 33 in an incubator and accelerator of crypto projects.

It has Zenit and LYOPAY as partners.


L-Finance is the ultimate crypto ecosystem for decentralized services.

L-Finance is a DeFi platform redefined. It is a complete DeFi ecosystem of decentralized products based on DAO governance.

LFi is the native token of the L-Finance ecosystem. It is developed on BNB Chain with BEP-20 Technology, which has a total supply of 400 million units.

Beginning January 2023, LFi will be listed on several exchanges and price-tracking websites. It will be used for trades and transactions and to be vested as vLFi.

Rewards start from 5613% per year and if other people invest it will go down 112% which is too much for a new token.

Yield farming

Also we have yield farming with 2% per month with a 2 year contract in the platform.

We can get paid in USDT and LYO Credit or both.

The packages start from 100€ to 5.000€.

Digital entrepreneur career

How can someone who starts affiliate marketing in WEWE Global become a Crown Ambassador which is the top rank?

There are 17 levels.

The VP are volume points in euros.

The first important level to get bonus is the 1 Star Director with €500 minimum personal purchase.

We need 3 users and the minimum purchase of the first level is €700 and the total turnover must be €5000 with 50% rule.

That means that on the team the one leg cannot have more than 50% of the whole turnover.

The next important level is Ambassador 6 Stars in which you need 5000€ minimum personal purchase with 11 customers with 8000€ first level  turnover and team turnover of 500000€.

Once you reach this level you will be qualified forever and you will get paid with the bonuses.

The next important level is Ambassador 9 Stars in which you need 12500€ minimum personal purchase with 15 clients with 20000€ first level turnover and 5.000.000€ total team turnover.

The last important level is Crown Ambassador in which you need €18000 minimum personal purchase with 15 clients with €30000 front line turnover and €50 million turnover.

This compensation plan means that everyone can become a Crown Ambassador.

Direct bonus

You can get 5% direct bonus instantly.

It is paid 70% in Bitcoin and 30% in LFi and 70% in Bitcoin and 30% in ZEN for every purchase on the first level.

Infinity bonus

Infinity bonus is the monthly breakaway bonus based on your network turnover of the last month.

Your commissionable rank updates once a month.

You can take bonuses for all the turnovers that are under you.

It starts from 5% as a Director 1 Star.

You get paid in every beginning of the month.

It is paid 70% in Bitcoin and 30% in LFi and 70% in Bitcoin and 30% in ZEN.

In order to be paid in ZEN and LFi to buy cloud minting and multiservice box.

The commission ranges from 5% to 36% when you hit Crown Ambassador.

The infinity bonus has some monthly requirements.

For instance for Director 1 Star you need 100€ first level monthly activation and 100€ monthly turnover.

To be paid the bonus the 6 Star Ambassador must have a minimum first level monthly activation of €500 and €50000 monthly turnover.

Matching bonus

Take 20% of the infinity monthly payment for the first person who matches you in qualification.

If your team member of any level overtakes you by more than one level the bonus will no longer be paid.

That means that you have to be on the same level with your team.

If we are a Director 4 Star and someonein your team becomes a Director 4 Star if we takes €1000 infinity bonus we will get €200 ie 2o% matching bonus and it is passive income.

Global pool bonus

Active and qualified Ambassadors 9 and above share 1% of worldwide turnover.

Active and qualified Crown Ambassadors share 1% of worldwide turnover.

It is paid 50% in Bitcoin and 50% in LFi commission wallet.

Fast start bonus

It works with the cloud minting programs.

It is valid in the first 15 days in order to have a headstart.


The rewards are based on your network turnover every 3 months.

We are on the third term of the year.

Director 1 Star and above gets bonus an iPhone or 1000€.

Director 2 Stars and above gets bonus a MacBook  or 2500€.

It is paid 50% in Bitcoin and 50% in LFi commission wallet.

The bonuses are paid in retreats.

If I am a Director 5 Stars and above and I make 1.750.000€ I take a Hublot watch or 7.500€ bonus.


Ambassador 6 Stars and above may attend the WEWE retreat which is holidays and education.

Ambassador 8 Stars and above will live luxury VIP experience extra days.

The next retreat will take place in Cancun in January 2023 and we have only 12 days in order to become Ambassador 6 Stars and to go on the retreat.

Car program

The bonus car program is paid on the 15th of every month.

To be qualified you must maintain 4 consecutive months as active and qualified.

The payment is 100% in Bitcoin from Ambassador 6 Stars and above who takes 500€ until Ambassador 10 Stars who takes 1500€.

You can do whatever you want with that money.

You don’t need to buy a car.

The best time to start was yesterday.

The next best time is now!

The best time to buy Bitcoins was 12 years ago and many became billionairs with Bitcoin today.

You can sign up now and start making money with cloud minting!

My goal is to build an international business and make some real money in crypto.

You can check out my Greek channel as well.

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