WEWE Global Lyopay Review Earn up to 10% per month Is it a viable project?

WEWE Global Lyopay Review Earn up to 10% per month Is it a viable project?

Hi everyone!

I am Yannis Divramis, I am a blockchain developer and in this small presentation we are going to see whether WEWE Global is legit.

WEWE Global is a rare ecosystem.

It is a business model that derives from the age of the blockchain as it is a DAO a decentralized autonomous organization.

That means that nobody has full control of the company.

Everyone can participate and buy a package that starts from 500€.

It depends on the country you are.

In Europe, America and Australia it starts from 500€.

With this package you can start doing multiservices like cloud minting.

The percentage of cloud minting is about 10% per month.

But there are more than 6 other bonuses and that makes it very interesting for you.

Also for me is a great opportunity to build your own business with crypto right now.

As I found it is the best affiliate marketing model or the best network marketing model because it combines crypto with affiliate marketing and network marketing.

But let’s see if this model is viable and for proof I present you a Zoom meeting that I had with Diego one for the top leaders for the company.

He is a very successful and trustworthy person.

You can do your own research because in the crypto we use this motto.

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The registration is free but in order to take the bonuses you need to start with a package.

You may contact me in Telegram, Instagram, Whatsapp in order to help you start doing this business.

Our goal is to transfer all the information about WEWE Global.

We make a great solid and organic work in many countries all over the world.

Now we are really in vertical grow.

Everything is ready to absorb millions of people all over the world because we have already prepared all the stuff for all of you.

During this presentantion we will go through all the products the concept of WEWE Global and the platform of WEWE Global.

We will go through a deep explanation of the compensation plan.

There is no other option in the market than WEWE Global.


WEWE Global is the platform that the market needs.

It is the platform and the opportunity that people need right now in the market.

After so many years of development of platforms in the market people have a lot of knowledge in terms of cryptocurrency and technology.

People are also a bit tired of not finding a platform that allows to the professionals to express themselves in the market properly.

So that’s why WEWE Global makes the difference.

We are not selling products but we are sharing facts.

That’s the most powerful weapon that we can share with you.

WEWE Global is a DAO



WEWE Global is a decentralized platform driven by a DAO.

People that are members of WEWE Global are allowed to vote make proposals and to be active members in the decision and the concept of WEWE Global.

That makes a huge difference because we are not a traditional company.

We are not a company which has a traditional CEO who makes the decisions.

All the members in the community based on the rank and other things have a voting power.

Based on your voting power you can drive the community of WEWE Global.

WEWE Global means a world wealth ecosystem because we are sharing wealth with the people all over the world.

Of course many of you are already in the cryptocurrency market and in blockchain technology so we won’t talk much about the revolution of money.

We will give you information that more than 60 to 70% of the people have access to.

So it is just a matter of time that everybody out there will use cryptocurrency.

In terms of WEWE Global we developed a multiservice platform that is managed by a DAO.

WEWE Global allows people to be real digital entrepreneurs.

We are in touch with 230000 people right now in many countries in the world.

In Latin America now it is really gonna be a huge momentum.

In Europe we are already in many many countries and in the next years we are going to expand in every country on the planet.

The goal of WEWE Global is to bring in the market a full compliant and legal, transparent concept for people that join the business.

Because thanks to this connection we can work properly in all the countries in the world.

First of all WEWE Global as a decentralized platform allows the people to buy services and products of external partners.

Through this concept in WEWE Global there is a really important compensation plan.

The different product that people can access is our design of third party companies that brings services compliant and legal marketing in referral marketing.

You can sign up for free and get started by purchasing cloud minting package.


Smartstake is a program that people can buy through different packages.

They participate in pools and these pools allow people to generate rewards with the average of 56% monthly until they achieve 2.5 x for the package that they buy.

With daily payment in bitcoin we draw with no limit.

You can withdraw everyday.

You can withdraw one time per week.

Whatever you want.

We don’t have any kind of limitation inside the platform.

This is very important because we want to build trust.

Rebuild back the trust on people with transparent and compliant products that allow people to express themselves in the world of network marketing.


The second product is CryptoBulls.

CryptoBulls is already years on the market.

You can go through it and see all the products.

We make a partnership with them.

You can buy the product through Cryptobulls.biz or in WEWE Global with a better discount.

What are they doing?

They are selling trading signals and that’s the only thing that they are doing.

This is not an automatic product but the good thing is that it is really close to our vision.

Because the monthly statement is public.

You can go on Cryptobulls.biz and see everything.

For people who don’t like staking but they are more into trading they are use this program and buy it with discount in our platform.


Another important program is Launchpad.

There was a huge mega event in Dubai in the end of July for the launch of the new token in our launchpad.

The goal of our launchpad that is completely different from the launchpad that you can find in the market is that behind our launchpad we have people with knowledge, years of experience.

They are analyzing in order to create a really good opportunity for a community that maybe probably doesn’t have the knowledge that experts have.

But with this kind of service people can have a really great result that everybody wants.

If you are in the crypto market you know that 98% of the ICO are not good.

They just have a good white paper and a good project but not everything is working.

If you have a dedicated team who analyses the market and brings you the top of the top for a community you can have a great result.

We closed the first token of ICO last year on December 31 with the launch of LYO credit on the market.

People got the chance to buy LYO credit in ICO thanks to our Launchpad with 50 and 40 cent etc.

LYO Credit is currently listed on the following exchanges:

Read more about LYO Credit on CoinMarketCap.

So we are talking about a really qualified public token that has already produced a really interesting increase in value.

Because we are talking about more or less than 1.6 dollar for each token.

So imagine that 6 months ago you bought a token with 50 cents and now you can trade your token with 1.6.

We continue to create this kind of opportunity for the people.

Always remember that we have our compensation plan connected to our launchpad.

This will absolutely bring the difference in the market.

Cloud minting program

Now let’s focus on our diamond program.

It is a program that has a real value for people that want to build something.

Our values are transparency compliance and we are legal.

LYOFI is a member of LYOPAY group and generates this cloud minting program.

Cloud minting programs allows the people to rent hardware for 900 days.

During these days the system and the machines generate the average of 10% monthly for the people.

Of course cloud minting is really technical.

People that buy the product inside that platform first of all need to sign a contract that are sharing the machine with LYOFI.

You instantly receive an invoice.

You can see everything inside your platform.

The number of the machine ID of the machine and the rack number of the machine.

You can go inside the machine live and see what the machine is doing every single second.

If this is not enough there is an IP number.

You can click on the IP number and see the property of the machine and the location of the machine.

A lot of people will say that that’s a link that you can create what you want because software and technology allow it.

For this reason you are able to copy the IP address and you can search in IP locator in Google.

You can paste your IP and see the property and the location of the machine.

You can generate an average of 10% monthly.

The rewards are in LYO credit.

You receive every single day LYO credit in your wallet.

If you want to keep it you are able to keep it.

You can stake it on our exchange because we have an exchange that you can stake your LYO credit with 3% monthly.

You can sell your LYO credit or instantly you can convert your LYO credit in bitcoin.

You can convert it instantly without any limit.

Because our goal is to rebuild back the trust on people.

That’s why transparency is the most important thing for us.

You can see live what the machine does.

You can check the IP address.

Everything is 100% public and the most important is that you are able to go through this service starting from 100 euros up to 100000 euros for each buy you want to make in the platform.

So WEWE Global doesn’t allow multi accounts.

Everyone on WEWE Global has just one account.

But you are able today to buy a 500 cloud minting program and tomorrow a 2500 cloud minting program

You can buy whatever you want.

This is something really incredible because in the beginning when we launched the token the reward are coming in LYO credit people were excited.

Everybody was changing LYO credit to bitcoin because they didn’t trust LYO credit.

Right now 75% of the entire community are not selling LYO credit anymore.

Because in the last 3 and half months we went from 1 dollar to 1.64.

So imagine that you start making and generating your 10% average thanks to cloud minting.

You accumulate your LYO credit and that’s a great success.

Go to Lyopay.com and check the amazing ecosystem of LYO credit.

This way you will understand the potential of LYO credit.

Because we are talking about a utility token.

It is a completely public and transparent token which is audited.

In Lyopay.com you can see the auditing of the blockchain.

Everything is absolutely transparent because we are the only option in the market.

We allow people to express themselves as professionals in this industry.

This is the concept of WEWE Global.

WEWE Global compensation plan

WEWE Global has an amazing compensation plan.

WEWE Global is a decentralized platform.

Outside WEWE Global many companies that bring a product.

There is no connection to LYOPAY and WEWE Global.

They are completely 2 different concepts.

Thanks to this partnership we create an amazing solution for everybody out there.

The compensation plan is revolutionary in the market

People are always dreaming to achieve the top and a really important rank in a company.

Because of the limitations that the compensation plans create in the market.

If we analyze the compensation plans in the market we can see that in the last years many companies bring the concept of binary system.

Most of us when we are working in a binary system if we are leaders we jump in an internal from internal of the internal and we don’t have spillover for the upline.

Uni level is good for network marketing.

But uni level also has a limitation because a traditional uni level compenstation plan allows you to earn until 14 to 16 levels and not that deep.

After you built 15 levels the compensation cuts you out of your commission.

So we create a hydrid like uni level but pays you from the beginning in infinity level.

This is completely different for uni level.

First of all you never lose the volume that you create.

There are 4 requirements in order to achieve the ranks.

The first rank is Director 1 star.

In order to become a Director 1 star you need to buy 300VP.

It is a 300 euro package for you.

This way you are qualified forever up to Director 2 Stars.

If you buy 200 more you have 500 cumulative.

So you are qualified forever one time that you buy 18000 cumulative in one payment.

The day that you will achieve to have 18000 personal package.

Also when you buy the package and close the contract.

One time that you have it you have it forever and this is very good.

First level activation is the number of users that you have in your first level.

The maximum requirement is 15 people in your first level that buy at least one package of 100 one time and you are qualified forever.

The third requirement is your first level volume.

So the people that you put in your level how much they buy?

Maximum requirement is 30000.

So you can have for example one that buys 30000 and 14 users that buy just 100 and you are qualified forever.

The point is that the team turnover with the 50% rule is very easy to understand.

For example one Director 1 Star has a requirement of 5000 euros.

That means that maximum 2500 you can generate for one leg.

So 50% rule means that 50% of the rule is the maximum that you can get for one team.

Another team you can build another volume you can be in another one or multiple teams.

So this compensation plan pays you a lot if you work a lot in first level.

There are 3 important ranks in the compensation plan.

The first one is Director 1 Star.

First day Director 1 Star.

This is super easy to do and we try to always share this kind of vision.

Director 1 Star is the first rank that allows you to get paid with the infinity bonus.

The second most important rank is Ambassador 6 Stars.

Ambassador 6 Stars is important because first of everything you are an ambassador.

You start getting on the car program and participating in the retreats etc.

The third most important rank of the company is Ambassador 9 Stars.

From Ambassador 9 Stars you start receiving also 1% of the world global sales of WEWE Global every single month.

You are always qualified once you achieve your rank and you always keep your rank.

Everybody can be a Crown Ambassador.

Every month you accumulate value and if you achieve 5000000 in sales you are a Crown Ambassador.

Direct bonus

It is the first bonus 5%.

Once you sign up someone you get a 5% direct bonus.

If you buy a 1000 euros package you will get a 5%.

90% is the volume that they pay you.

100% is for the rank.

For example I have a first level who buys a 1000 euros cloud minting package and I have 1000 points for my rank.

I have 900 points that they pay me in the compensation plan.

Direct bonus is paid every 24 hours.

You got this payment 70% in WEWE wallet.

Actually is bitcoin.

It is a legal frame that is inside the platform.

It is actually 70% in bitcoin and 30% in LYO credit in LYO credit commission wallet.

S0 70% bitcoin 30% LYO credit.

Infinity bonus

This is the most powerful bonus in the industry.

From Director 1 Star and if you remember it’s just a 5000 euro sale you got a 5% of the total turnover of your entire network.

Infinity bonus is paid every single month.

For example this month I move half million and I am a Director 1 Star for some reason.

I get of the half million that they produce a 5% and of course a five percent of the first level.

As much as you grow as much as you earn.

If you are a qualified Ambassador 6 Stars you will get 23% infinity levels deep inside your network.

Up to Crown Ambassador you get 36% with a breakaway plan.

For example you are an Ambassador 6 Stars and you have in your first level a Director 2 Stars he will get 9%.

You will receive from 9 to 23%.

So 23% is the maximum payout.

He gets 9% you get 14%.

You always need to share the maximum amount that you are qualified with the ranks in your network.

The more you work on your first level the more compensation plans you have.

Because every line that you build it’s a full working compensation plan for you.

The more you work the more percentage you have in your network.

You can get a percentage every single month.

They pay this bonus one time per month.

They close the month and then the system makes all the calculation.

Maximum 3 days later you get the payment.

After 3 years we never missed even one cent.

Everything is paid and we have a lot of people who are making really interesting commissions.

They pay you 70% in bitcoin and 30% in LYO credit commission wallet.

That’s the infinity bonus.

Monthly requirements

One time that you achieve your rank you will never lose it.

The only point is that you need to keep your rank active and qualified every single month in order to be paid as your rank.

For example you are an Ambassador 6 Stars so you will need to generate half million in order to be an Ambassador 6 Stars.

The monthly requirement is 500 euro in your first level.

So someone who buys a new package or someone you that you signed up with a package the minimum requirement is 500 euros + 50000 euros in the month in the sale of your team with the 50% rule.

I made for example as Ambassador 6 Stars last month half million.

To keep my rank active and qualified 50000 euros.

It is super easy to do.

99.9% of the network qualifies the first week because it’s really easy to do it.

We don’t want to squeeze the people.

We want to give the people what they build.

Of course we need to build a little bit of requirement behind.

Otherwise the people who are not running they are making a lot of money.

We want to share the compensation with people who make a huge difference.

First level monthly activation maximum requirement is 1500.

Turnover monthly qualification with 50% rule maximum requirement is 800000 per month.

To be a Crown Ambassador you need to move minimum 50 million.

So one time that you have a network with 50000000 is super easy to achieve a 100000 monthly volume.

Matching bonus

If everyone matches you in the compensation plan you get the matching bonus.

If you sign up someone and he is a good worker and he achieves the same rank as yours of course you don’t get infinity bonus anymore because he will eat all the percentage.

But you will get 20% of his infinity bonus every month.

They pay you 70% in bitcoin and 30% in LYO credit.

You get paid 2 or 3 days later from the infinity bonus.

So in the first week you get a bonus.

In the second week you get a bonus.

In the 15 of each month you get a bonus

Global pool bonus

1% of the worldwide turnover is shared with the active and qualified Ambassador 9 Stars and above.

So starting from Ambassador 9 Stars and above you will receive every single month a share of the 1% of the worldwide turnover.

Every 15 of the month we are sharing this bonus.

They pay you 50% in bitcoin and 50% in LYO credit commission wallet.

The shares are for everybody the same.

It is not divided in terms of how much volume you generate.

For example I am a Crown Ambassador and I get a bonus.

You qualify this month as Ambassador 9 Stars.

You will receive exactly the same amount that I get this month because we need to create an attractive bonus.

Another 1% extra is shared with the active and qualified Crown Ambassador.

Fast start bonus

In the first 15 days that you sign up you get this bonus.

Not from the day that you buy a package but from the day you start you have 15 days to build your team.

The systems allow you to generate an extra bonus.

You sign up let’s say 5 people.

One with 10000 another one with 25000 and one with 1000.

The system calculates first which is the strongest.

25000 taking on a side 25.

They take all the other legs.

They make the total amount of the others  or their legs.

Let’s say it is 21000.

They create the 50% rule.

So 21000 25000 50% 21 and 21 means  42000.

10% of this 42000 the system gives you a cloud minting of that amount for free.

Cloud minting works 3 times average 10% monthly.

So you get a 4000 bonus that goes 3 times ie 12000.

For example you start today and you sign up 4 people.

One person with 25000.

2 people with 10000 and one person with 1000.

First the system asks you if you have a cloud minting program.

Then which is the strongest leg.

The first one I signed up someone with 25000.

What is the total amount of order lines?

They make 50% 21000 42000 2000 42000 10% cloud minting for you.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything and all the small details.

The compensation plan pays you whether you understand or not.

We are making a lot of training and it is super easy to understand.

It is really important to understand in order to move fast in the first 15 days.

Also generate big packages in the beginning in order to create big bonuses.

For example a 26 years old guy in Colombia WEWE Global team in the first 15 days became an Ambassador 6 Stars.

He got about 120000 euros from bonuses plus 40000 cloud minting package for him.

There are people who earn 150000 euros every single month.

We don’t need to sell anything.

People can verify and check everything .

Everything in WEWE Global is super transparent.

When you trust your team your business runs 20 times faster.

Runner builder pool

We launched this bonus exactly one month ago in the last Dubai retreat.

It is valid for all the people in the first 30 days after registration.

So you sign up.

You don’t buy a product from the first 30 days of registration.

If you buy a package of 1000 cloud minting for you and if you sign up 10 new people and they buy each one minimum 1000 you are qualified for runner builder pool bonus.

That allows you to get access to another pool that are sharing 1% every single month of the worldwide monthly turnover.

In the last month we qualified a lot of people and they get a bonus of 4700 euros.

So can you imagine?

You start the business and you sign up 10 people.

Just with this pool you have a huge bonus.

You are staying in the pool until you receive 30000 cumulative altogether in the following months or maximum 18 months.

So if you jump in the business with 1000 and you sign up 10 people with 1000 minimum each you participate to the pool.

You get 1% share of the total turnover of the company every single moths upto 18 months or 30000 euros.

For example if the last bonus was 5000 you still need to get 25000.

They pay you 70% in bitcoin and 30% in LYO credit.


Every 3 months we have reward based on 3 calendar months volume.

So every 3 months based on cumulative 3 months turnover you have the chance to get rewards.

You can get iPhone or a Lamborghini.

First of all you have the chance to ask in the platform if you want physical reward or money.

If you decide to receive money they pay you 50% in bitcoin and 50% in LYO credit.

If you decide to get the physical reward you need to participate in the next retreat.

What is the difference in the compensation plan?

In WEWE Global you can make this month this quarter a travel.

In the next month maybe you are not so strong and you get a macbook.

You get another travel in the next quarter.

We give to the people what they need to receive.

So we have people that earn every 3 months an Hublot or a Mercedes.

Every 3 months you can get a reward.

You are able to choose if you want physical reward or money.

Take care because Lamborghini needs an extra 200000 euros every 3 months.

It is a good bonus that you can get extra commission.


Then we have the retreats.

Every 6 months we allow the active and qualified Ambassadors 6 stars and above to attend our amazing retreats.

The last retreat happened in Dubai.

Around 140 people was qualified from many countries and it was an amazing experience.

It is a full week and we make 4 days for Ambassadors 6 and 7 Stars and extra 2 special days for Ambassadors 8 Stars and above.

A WEWE Global retreat is a luxurious beautiful experience.

It is not something that you just win but is a really powerful experience.

You have the chance to meet the corporate and talk with LYOPAY for example.

It is a really important part of our business.

The next one will be in Cancun Mexico in November 2022 and it is a huge opportunity to be with the top of the top.

Car program

The last bonus is the car program.

WEWE Global gives an extra bonus to the people every 15 of each month.

You are paid 100% in bitcoin inside your wallets.

500 euros for Ambassador 6 Stars

600 euros for Ambassador 7 Stars

800 euros for Ambassador 8 Stars

1000 euros for Ambassador 9 Stars

1500 euros for Ambassador 10 Stars and above

There is an option whether you fill the tank or rent a car or buy a car.

It is extra money that you get because you are an active and qualified Ambassador inside our amazing ecosystem.

The compensation plan is really easy to understand and achievable.

People are really motivated to rank in this compensation plan because everybody can be a Crown Ambassador.

Don’t put too many limits.

We don’t have fees.

The only fee that we have in the back office is when you withdraw your btc in external platform.

The only fee they ask is 0,00002 bitcoins which is about 4 euros.

The amount of withdrawal doesn’t matter.

You are allowed to do whatever you want.

WEWE Global is 3 years in the market and is extremely powerful.

WEWE Global will continue to break records because many people are knocking its door.

There is no other company that brings this kind of product in the market with this kind of transparency.

It is what people need right now.

With WEWE Global you can have massive success and we can achieve it together.

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So you have stayed until now.

The video was very interesting.

You can see Diego explaining the plans of WEWE Global and LYOPAY.

I found this ecosystem very very fruitful and someone can acquire passive income with crypto without taking into consideration the bear market or the bull market.

The pumps and dumbs and all this stuff are out of question.

We are not taking huge risks by doing cloud minting.

I hope you enjoyed the video.

Leave your comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

Leave your comment, smash the bell button and also don’t forget to subscribe to this unique business opportunity to make passive income from crypto.

I am Yannis Divramis, the owner of Kryptohodlers  and I will see you again on the next video.


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