What is the Puppy Coin mission?

What is the Puppy Coin mission?

Why someone trust and invest in a knewly created meme coin and what are its possible 100x returns?

Hello everybody! My name is Yannis Divramis and I am the founder of Puppy Coin. I also hold the YouTube channel Kryptohodlers.

Welcome to the very second video of this virgin YouTube channel.

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Today we are going to talk about the mission of the Puppy Coin.

What is the mission of the Puppy Coin?


Me, as the creator and the founder of Puppy Coin, I feel very proud of this because it is my brain child.

You can see my t-shirt and my mask, very trendy.

Everybody loved these masks and these t-shirts.

You may buy our merch soon from an eshop and support Puppy Coin and spread the word, but first we need to talk about the mission of the Puppy Coin.

What is the mission of the Cuppy Coin?

The mission of the Puppy Coin is to spread the usage of crypto and Web 3.0 technologies to society with the gamification of cryptos in a funny way with most lovable Meme coin, Puppy Coin.

The reason of the creation of the Meme coin is very simple.

After a small market research I have done in my hometown Larissa and in Greece generally, I have found that 99% of the population has not even heard about cryptos or they heard about cryptos but they never used them or bought them.

Yes, we are a European country and I know that many of you have combined Greece with Santorini and other islands, but we still have winter here so it is very cold here with -5 degrees .

It was their virgin touch with the cryptos with the Puppy Coin.

Most of them didn’t have a cryptowallet like MetaMask Wallet or Trust Wallet.

So, it was a huge chance to open this market and spread the knowledge of the cryptos and make them use them, because they will have to do it eventually one way or another because cryptos are here and they will be a part of our lives, part of our banking system, part of the government system and in general part of our lives.

Our basic philosophy is to make Puppy Coin a public coin, not to enter it in the stock market, but to make it public, to spread the knowledge in the average people to use Puppy Coin, the MetaMask wallet, the Trust wallet in order to make transactions with each other.

There are many businesses that they already accept Puppy Coin, in very small chain but soon there will be a huge list of businesses that will accept Puppy Coin soon.

The other philosophy is that NFT’s are gonna spread all over the world, because our passports, our ID’s, our driving licenses will be NFT’s and we will need a cryptowallet to hold them in order to secure them and have access to them.

Almost no one haven’t heard of cryptos, so it is a tiny minority that knows about NFT’s and a very tiny minority that has bought or used NFT’s.

So, we are on a very early stage right now, at the dawn of the crypto market and that we have seen on this point with Bitcoin, with this bull market is just the scrap of the start, it is not even the start.

Maybe it would be the end of the beginning, but it’s not the phase that everyone will go and buy crypto because we are on a very early stage right now.

The third thing in our philosophy is to make learning easier with the gamification of tokens and the gamification of the Puppy Coin.

What does it mean?

divramis giannis puppy coin

If want to learn something new, I want to make it simple, stupid and accessible for everyone like water, like telephone, like food, like banks that most of people have access but there are people that are unbanked.

Many people dislike banks, because it is something they fear of, they are intimidated by.

So, they want to start something new in order to find another way to pay, so it is very important for them to have an alternative way with a cryptowallet.

But, how you will make someone to use your coin?

They need to be not so sober like euro, like a banking coin, like another coin of the traditional banking system that is so dreadful of us.

Remember what happened in Greece the last decade with the banks, with the capital controls, the international monetary fund and all these bad stuff that had a huge impact in greek society with 25% rate of unemployment.

The other way is to make coins easy to use, fun, accessible and lovely so they may use them without any hesitation and it would have a positive connotation with the Puppy.

It not a coin that will save the puppies but it is a puppy so everyone loves it.

Everybody would like to take a small puppy in their home.

This is our basic philosophy.

Also, behind the Puppy there is not a huge foundation or organization.

We are a community project and we would like to spread the knowledge and the use of cryptos in everyday life.

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I am Yannis Divramis, the founder of Puppy Coin and the owner of the Kryptohodlers YouTube channel.

I will see you on the next video. Bye!

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