What is Web 3.0, DApps, Defi?

What is Web 3.0 DApps, Defi?

What is Web 3.0 and what are the Web 3.0 applications?

Read more to see how can you benefit from this revolution.

Hi everyone! My name is Yannis Divramis, I am the founder of Puppy Coin and in our YouTube channel Kryptohodlers we are gonna talk about Web 3.0 Blockchain technologies.

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What are Web 3.0’s?

A brief history first.

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Before Web 3.0 we had Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and now Web 3.0.

Every period lasted almost a decade.

What is Web 1.0?

What is Web 3.0 DApps, Defi -LOW

In the first stage of web development was the World Wide Web (www) with the HTML static sites and this is called Web 1.0.

These were sites mostly from universities, public services, public companies and sites from big companies like Yahoo, AltaVista.

This was a dark age for Search Engines, many of them don’t operate today, because of the Google’s success which was the first company that has an almost unbeatable search algorithm with more relative search results.

So, this period lasted from 1990 until 1999, there was a tipping point when we jumped from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0.

There are many other opinions for when exactly Web 2.0 started.

In Web 1.0 we have only static sites.

You could not write comments in them, you could only click on links and read them.

They were read only attribute sites.

What is Web 2.0?

On the first decade of 2000, we started with Web 2.0 that were user generated content and it was read and write and we could leave comments, smash like buttons and register to newsletters and use social media like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok is a Web 2.0 company as well as YouTube and many of them are using user generated content.

You can still have your own voice, but they are very centralized which is a major problem and a major concern about the Web 2.0 sites, because as you may know if you don’t have your own website then you have to write your opinion in someone else’s website, like Twitter.

As we know, Twitter is suppressing political opinions or political parties and it is not a decentralized company that has full democracy.

The Web 2.0 sites are not offering democracy on the internet.

This is a big problem that we are facing today but the solution is Web 3.0.

How Web 3.0 started?

Web 3.0 are decentralized applications that are built on Blockchain technology like Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot and you can find many of them today like MetaMask Wallet and Puppy Coin.

I am the founder of Puppy Coin and you can buy it in Pancake Swap right now.

Puppy Coin is the sponsor of our YouTube channel and many other tokens and coins are Web 3.0 applications.

Also, decentralized finance exchanges like PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, Uniswap and many others like Qswap.

I know a lot of things about blockchains and blockchain development and DApps so you can build your own DApp right now.

Web 3.0 is 100% permission less, almost 100% decentralized, especially if you are using a decentralized blockchain like Ethereum.

We have built our token, Puppy Coin, in the Binance Smart Chain due to the high Ethereum gas fees because of its own success and the gas fees are really high now, at least 10.000$ per year in order to operate a coin, so it is better for many people in order to buy it to move it in a more elastic blockchain, like Binance Smart Chain because you have a future plan to make more bridges and to be in more than 1 blockchains.

Do we have real democracy in Web 3.0?

I can say that Web 3.0 is more democratic than Web 2.0 and they still use user generated content.

You are the product but you own your content.

You cannot own the content that you have on Facebook, for instance, your Facebook profile is not yours, is Facebook’s property.

Your Facebook page is not yours, it belongs to Facebook and that is the reality.

But in Web 3.0, Facebook has been renamed as Meta and Mark Zuckerberg has made a big turn in order to catch up with the other decentralized applications like Akasha.

Akasha is an Ethereum social media builded in the Ethereum blockchain.

Now it is in Alpha phase, not even in Beta and you cannot register because you have to be a blockchain developer and you missed the train.

It was a project made 2 years before in the Defi or in 2017.

But you can still find other applications with social media that are decentralized and many other applications are coming soon.

We are also building our own application right now, our own Defi application, our own DApp in order to announce other financial activities in the Web with our coin, Puppy Coin.

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