When Bitcoin will hit 100K and why?

When Bitcoin will hit 100K?

How can you profit from this perfect economic cycle today?

I am Yannis Divramis, I am a blockchain developer and the owner of Kryptohodlers. Welcome back!


I am not a certified financial advisor.

This presentation is not a call for action in order to invest.

I only present you what I do.

The platform is 100% legit but you need to do your own research.

As we say in crypto “do your own research” and find the information you need.


Almost everyone knows about Bitcoin, I hold some of it and some other coins.

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I’ve done some research on YouTube channels and Google about when Bitcoin will hit 100K or even more 150K.

Some experts like Plan B say that Bitcoin will go to 320K this year in US dollars and not euros.

All prices in stock market are in euros and all the benchmarks and the all-time highs are in dollars.

The last time Bitcoin hit the all-time high in 11 August 2021, in the middle of summer and the price was 67K so many of you would believe that it would go to 80K on September or November, but according to Plan B who is an anonymous Dutch in November would be 100K.

This never happened because the market is so manipulated by the big funds and the whales.

We believed we were in a free world or in a free market.

Everything you see is highly manipulated and the Bitcoin is too because the market capitalization of Bitcoin is too low in terms of the other stock markets, the funds and the precious metals.

The Bitcoin market, the CoinMarketCap is about 1.3 trillion $ while the gold market is around 10 trillion $.

The Bitcoin heads to reach and surpass the value of the gold market capitalization.

Meanwhile I’ve done my research, the first result I saw in my mobile phone is that Bitcoin will hit 100K from Time blog and it says that Bitcoin is expected to hot the 100K mark.

It is 100% sure that Bitcoin will hit the 100K, it will surpass it forever and it will stay up and down.

It will be a bit volatile but definitely Bitcoin will stay over 100K in the next years.

Why is that?


1. Scarcity

The first reason is the scarcity or the Bitcoin circles.

The Bitcoin circles are highly predictable, 100% predictable.

I am an economist, I’ve studied in London Accounting and Finance, I hold other degrees too.

I am a Certified Accountant and i can understand many things in finance and translate it to you in simple worlds.

What are Bitcoin circles?

Every 4,5 years we have full Bitcoin circle due to Bitcoin halving.

It is the -50% of the rewards that the miners take from the Bitcoin mining operations.

So, if you are a miner you can see that every 4,5 approximately the rewards you are getting are 50% off.

This makes this hard coin more and more scarce in terms of other coins or in terms of precious metals or of other forms of value.

Bitcoin has a great store of value no matter how the volatility is.

You can see that the Bitcoin’s volatility is very high at the moment, because it is deeply influenced by the war or from the stock market crush or the energy crisis or the inflation crisis or COVID but by the years Bitcoin is becoming a more stable asset because its market is getting more mature due to the major investors that are flooding to it.

2. Adoption

The second reason Bitcoin will hit 100K is adoption.

Bitcoin is highly adopted by some countries, for instance El Salvador has legalized it apart from dollar and many other countries are coming by, so the adoption of Bitcoin is getting higher and higher every time and the small wallets that hold less than 1 Bitcoin are getting more and more.

We see the metrics in some websites and we can see that the adoption is raising instead of less hodl.

This is a very positive sign that is building a new base and people will invest and hodl Bitcoin till the next halving or till the next 5 – 10 years because of the high inflation that US dollar and Euro have in the market.

3. Usability

The third reason Bitcoin will hit 100K is usability.

More and more DAPPs are coming in Bitcoin and even though Bitcoin is not supporting smart contracts, the network that is built as another layer in order to support DAPPs to make Bitcoin more usable and with lower transaction fees to the final user is getting bigger like in El Salvador, as I told you before, but also in other countries.

These are the 3 main reasons, but I would like to add some more predictions.

Many crypto experts or major banks with financial analysts are making prediction about all-time highs and lows, for instance Bitcoin could go as low as 10K in 2022.

This means that many people speculate that many people buying Bitcoin at this price.

If Bitcoin is getting closer to the 30K mark many people will buy it and support it, but many other big investors with billions of dollars like the funds that they are highly speculative.

We all can recall this every day in Wall Street and the Wall Street banks they are gonna buy and manipulate the market in order to make Bitcoin to go to 10K, buy it in that price and then sell it on 100K level.

So, you need to buy in the deep and sell it in the high.

If you want to make real money from Bitcoin, you need to buy in this price level that is around 40K now and hold it until it goes 1 million in the next halving.

The next halving will happen on December 2024, in 2 and a half years from now so it is quite a short time and it is gonna come.

That’s all folks!

What do you think about the Bitcoin price?

When it will hit 100K?

There are prediction that say what it will happen this year.

What’s your opinion?

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