Best DeFi platforms for lending, borrowing and staking crypto

What are the best DeFi protocols and the best DeFi websites in order to borrow, lend money or stake them?

Stake money, stake your own crypto, your favorite crypto coins and crypto tokens!

  • What are the best DeFi websites?
  • What are the best DeFi protocols?
  • What are the best DeFi Web 3.0 applications?

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Let’s get started.

How can we learn more about DeFi?


The answer is simple. Many people talk about the NFT bubble.

I think this is a bubble, a 12 year kid made 400k in 3 hours by simply selling NFTs.

That’s very ridiculous and simple, it’s like saying I made 200k in 3 hours by selling real estate.

Very simple, I bought a house 20 years ago with 20k and I am selling it 20 years later in the price of 220k, so I made 200k profit in 3 hours.

Nobody sees the 20 years in order this project to make 11x.

So, we are not talking about financial rubbish and funny things or shiny objects.

We are real people like you that want to learn more about crypto, but in a way that is more realistic and more profitable.

We are not the people that are creating bubbles like crypto influencers that need only to impress someone to buy something.

Don’t listen to influencers or crypto Youtubers.

Do your own research and use your brain.

So, I’ve done a small research on Google and Internet in general I don’t believe in NFTs.

I believe in DeFi and decentralized finance more.

Also, I believe in centralized finance and the centralized crypto finance, but today we are gonna talk about what are the best sites in order to find DeFi opportunities or how can you do your own research to find a DeFi gem.

Puppy Coin is a DeFi gem as well because we are now building our first gaps, I will keep you updates about this.

Is DeFi’ s Pulse information accurate?

The most visited website I think is DeFi Pulse, the DeFi community is looking to the DeFi Pulse in order to see what’s going on in DeFi thermometer.

But it’s not the most complete I think, because in today’s information I can see the total value locked is only 83.000.000$ and the maker dominance is about 20%.

The maker is one of the biggest DeFi websites that we can find, the DeFi pulse index is about 172.

We don’t have hit the all-time high like on December with more than$ total value.

The DeFi Pulse hasn’t got complete information. is more accurate about Defi Cap

The is another website about DeFis and we get more accurate information from this like the total value locked in USD is more than$ today while the curve dominance here is 9.7%.

Since we are far away from the all-time high like on December with approximately$ locked in DeFi protocols and websites.

What can you learn about the DeFi protocols?

First of all, you can see in the tables they have there how many blockchains exist.

How many blockchains exist now in the market?

116! Even the BitTorrent has its own blockchain. Did you know that?

So the first DeFi protocol is Ethereum.

The second is Terra.

The third is Fantom.

The fourth is Binance Smart Chain and the fifth is Avalanche.

Multi-chain protocols and multi-chain support will be the world of the future.

Every new coin will have multi-chain support.

This is exactly the design we have done in the Puppy Coin, we need multi-chain support and we need the multi-chain bridges to support this.

So, bear in mind that every new coin and every new DeFi protocol you are visiting should have multi-chain support.

1 Curve Defi Lending Borrowing Staking Platform

The first website we can visit is the Curve.

The Curve has more than total value locked.

You need to visit the biggest websites, because they provide liquidity.

A huge thing to take consideration is the total liquidity, because the higher the liquidity the lesser the volatility.

What is volatility?

Volatility is the price fluctuation of a coin.

When the price fluctuation is big, it means that that this coin doesn’t have too much volatility in the pool.

You can use the Curve protocol for providing liquidity and Ethereum is designed for extremely efficient coin trading.

Curve also supports many protocols like Optimism, Avalanche, Harmony, Ethereum, Gnosis, Polygon, Fantom etc. etc.

Also, it is not in all-time high in liquidity, but it has more than locked.

Apart from Curve and DeFiLlama, another great website you need to look in order to find DeFi sites and DeFi Web 3.0 websites is

It is a website I always go to in order to learn about the overall crypto market cap.

The Coinmarketcup is$ with -1.43 degrees over the last day.

If we go to the Coinmarketcup website, that is a website from binance exchange, we can see that the first protocol in terms of market cap is Terra.

Binance exchange has taken this website some years ago.

The second is Avalanche.

Which are the coins with the hugest liquidity is the DeFi market?

The first is Terra, the second is Avalanche, the third is Wrapped Bitcoin, the fourth is Chainlink and PancakeSwap with the Cake coin.

So, we need to combine all this information in order to see which DeFi is the best for us.

Another website I always look to in order to gain more information about the DeFi’s and the DeFi market is the says that global cryptocurrency market cap today is 1.69 trillion $, -1.5 change in the last 24 hours.

These small discrepancies on the prices and the total market cap are always there, because CoinGecko has listed 12.563 coins and more than 552 exchanges and they are decentralized exchanges as well, so the more exchanges a website has the more the market cap is.

In comparison, the Coinmarketcap has listed more cryptos than CoinGecko, its about 17.532, while the exchange is 456.

That’s the reason that the CoinGecko is telling us that is more liquidity out there.

Many people will ask why Terra Luna has more liquidity than Bitcoin.

That happens because Bitcoin is not a coin for DeFi, like Ethereum or other stable coins that I’ve used here in the basic DeFi markets.

That’s the reason we have Terra Luna in the first place instead of Bitcoin or Instead of Ethereum, because Ethereum was the first smart contract coin creator and gave the opportunity to other compatible blockchains to borrow its code or to fork its code in order to create new tokens, smart contracts and applications.

So, let’s go back to the DefiLlama and let’s see the second DeFi site and application that is the MakerDAO.

The third is the Convex and the fourth is Aave.

Aave is my favorite DeFi application right now with more than$ locked.

You can take loans from there or borrow and lend money and also stake your favorite token.

I also think there is a bridge there and the other protocol has the best UX environment, so let’s visit the website.

You can go straight to the app, Aave is using the IPFS web hosting protocol or data storage protocol and we have there the total market size live, now it’s$ and more.

What you can do with Aave?

You can borrow money, providing collateral of at least a percentage of your crypto you provided, like Binance, BNB or BUSD etc.

It can take you a long time in order to use it in the real time, you can take a loan in a stable coin and convert it in USD or in Euros.

Also, you can stake your crypto there, for instance if you hold the DAI you can deposit 2.34 % and borrow with a variable of 3.55% annually.

What do you need to start staking or borrowing or lending your money in the Aave? platform?

You need a cryptowallet like MetaMask, it’s the most favorite wallet on the Internet and then you can use Trust Wallet.

Also, you can use the Aave platform from your mobile phone or from your desktop.

What is your favorite DeFi market?

What is your favorite DeFi application?

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