10 Ideas to make money from crypto

10 Ideas to make money from crypto

Making money in crypto is easier than in any other niche, but you need to do your own research first! See what you need to do!

Yannis is the name and crypto is the game!

Hi everyone!

My name is Yannis Divramis, I am the owner of the Kryptohodlers YouTube channel and we are gonna talk about 10 ideas that will make you money from crypto or 10 ideas to make money from crypto.

So, the video is 10 unique ideas to make money from crypto and cryptocurrencies and blockchains and that stuff.

Disclaimer: l am not a Financial Advisor

First of all, we are not financial advisors, just to be clear.

I am a crypto analyst, but I am not a crypto advisor.

I am not a financial advisor and this video is not for financial advice, it is only for educational and recreational purpose.

So, let’s brainstorm for today and see what we can do in order to make money from crypto.

Many people got stuck and they think that they need money in order to make money and that they need huge amounts in order to start with Bitcoin or other hard assets like Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, Doge Coin.

Doge Coin is not a hard asset but Elon Musk supports it, so they think they are going to make a lot of money with them, a 10x or 5x or whatever.

But the truth is that one can make money with other ways than just buying cryptos.

1. Be an youtuber or influencer


The number 1 that you can do right now is to be an youtuber or influencer.

A crypto youtuber can make from 1.000 to millions from their own YouTube channel.

A small research I’ve done from myself is that the average crypto youtuber that is promoting other cryptos like Puppy Coin asks for 1.000$ per video.

This is an average one with 25 – 100k subscribers or followers.

The bigger youtubers ask for more money, the range is about 1k – 2k and their subscribers/ followers are from 100 – 1.000k and the big fat youtubers ask for 25k or 40k like BitBoy Crypto.

Every video of BitBoy Crypto is sponsored and every advice he spills is sponsored and paid, so he is gonna pump and dump on you.

So, be careful, don’t take anything for granted, just do your own research before listening to someone and trying to implement the strategies they say.

All the strategies that you are learning from watching YouTube videos are not working and you have to use your own brain.

This is not gambling, is about your own money and when someone is making money from crypto, another guy can lose money, it is like stock market.

2. Create your own Telegram group

The second thing is that you can create your own Telegram group, as we have our own Telegram group for Kryptohodlers that you can join today.

Also, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel by smashing the like button, ringing the bell in order to get the new videos.

Also, we have a Crypto Newsletter that we are sending only useful content once a month or twice a month.

We are not promoting anything special, apart from our sponsors and our advice is very useful for you in order to start learning more about crypto and start thinking more about what you can do about cryptos.

3. Create your own token

The third thing that you can do in order to make money from crypto is to create your own token, as I did myself.

I am the founder of Puppy Coin.

Puppy Coin is a crypto token or crypto coin based on Binance Smart Chain due to the high expenses of the gas fees of Ethereum blockchain and it is a very funny and friendly Meme coin.

It is a small puppy that can help you learn more about crypto and how to use your first MetaWallet like MetaMask.

You can buy some Puppy Coin now from Pancake Swap.

Also, we are going to get listed in some major exchanges and this can make more money to the newcomers.

This is not a financial advice, because you can also lose money, so don’t take everything for granted but we would like to get listed in some exchanges in order to expand the hodlers base.

Puppy coin is designed for hodlers and you can buy it and keep it for the next decade.

4. Become a crypto reporter

The fourth idea is to become a crypto reporter.

If you are good at reporting, writing, blogging or video making, you can build your own blog about crypto.

You can make your own research and organize your own interviews.

Crypto communities are bursting around the world and the need for new crypto reporters and crypto bloggers is huge.

There are more than blogs today, but they are not as much crypto blogs as the content people need to find on the internet.

So, I think that this market is a market that will grow, especially in the next 10 years.

5. Become a crypto programmer

You can become a crypto programmer, there are many free courses and classes on Internet, on YouTube.

One of my favorite YouTube channels is the Dapp University.

Also, in the Udemy academy you can find many free courses and cheap courses in order to start to learn about how to build a blockchain app or a decentralized app or DApp.

If you have other computer skills, like if you are a web developer or a web designer, it is easy for you to learn more about blockchain developer.

6. Become an investor

And the sixth idea is to become an investor, as I told you in the first place.

Everyone can become an investor, everyone can invest money provided that they have the knowledge of where to invest, when to invest and why to invest.


I am not a certified financial advisor.

This presentation is not a call for action in order to invest.

I only present you what I do.

The platform is 100% legit but you need to do your own research.

As we say in crypto “do your own research” and find the information you need.


It is not good to start wasting money impulsively, it is better not to listen in every YouTube channel.

It is better to listen to some people that have YouTube channels like me or Coin Bureau and it’s better also to read some books.

The better the understanding of the cryptos, the better the project will go in them.

7. Become a website developer for crypto sites

Number 7 is to become a website developer for crypto sites.

Every industry has it’s own tricks and tips, so if you get specialized in this category, then you will have more clients in this field and this market as soon as it is in booming time and it will be created in the next year.

8. Provide SEO for crypto companies

The eighth idea to make money from crypto or the crypto industry is to provide SEO for crypto companies and become a SEO expert.

Yes, this needs time but you can get specialized in this field and have more educative knowledge about cryptos, because cryptos are a huge industry and the SEO companies that exist today cannot provide good quality SEO services for the crypto market.

We are also a SEO company, because apart from Kryptohodlers, I run the SEO Agency Paramarketing in Greece, so you can ask for a quote today for SEO service or cryptos or crypto website, for tokens, for coupons and websites in general.

9. Trading

Number 9 idea in order to make money with cryptos is by trading.

There are many trading apps out there, like 3Commas that I’ve used before and many others we are tasting right now, but if you like to start trading you can start with a trading bot and make some money or give a small amount of money like 100$ or something in between.

It is better to have patience.

Test the bots, test the strategies, learn and study.

Never give more than 100% of your income or of your capital in new projects like these.

10. Become a shiller

And the tenth that is very important is to become a shiller.

Shiller is someone that is promoting a cryptocurrency, a crypto token or something like that.

There are many organized sealer services or sealer service companies on Internet, but still there is too much space for you.

You can become a successful shiller if you start reading about cryptos, joining groups, watching YouTube videos and talking to other people about cryptocurrencies.

So, that’s all for today, 10 ideas to make money from crypto.

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